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36 Orange roses Bouquet

Bouquet of 36 Orange roses in nice packing (glass vase not included)..

$ 88.80

36 Pink Roses bouquet

Bouquet of 36 Pink roses in nice packing (glass vase not included)..

$ 81.40

36 Red Roses Bouquet

Bouquet of 36 red roses in nice packing (glass vase not included)..

$ 74.00

36 White roses bouquet

Bouquet of 36 White roses in nice packing (glass vase not included)..

$ 85.10

36 Yellow roses Bouquet

Bouquet of 36 Yellow roses in nice packing (glass vase not included)..

$ 85.10

6 red roses combo

Combo of 6 red roses with teddy bear and Godiva chocolate box..

$ 44.40

Alstroemeria Bouquet

Bouquet of 100 Blooms of Alstroemeria Flowers with Greeting card..

$ 44.40

Assorted flowers

Bouquet of 12 Mixed flowers in nice packing ( vase not included..

$ 42.18

Beauty of Fruits

Beautiful Fruit basket of 1 Apple ,2 Pears, 3 Orange , 3Nectarinesand 1 branch of Grapes..

$ 40.70

Big flowers Basket

Big Flowers basket of pink carnations and alstroemeria, lavender button and daisy spray chrysanthemu..

$ 103.60

Birthday Combo II

Birthday combo of 18 assorted Flowers with teddy bear and helium filled birthday balloon..

$ 62.90

Birthday combo Special

Birthday combo of 24 assorted Flowers with teddy bear and helium filled birthday balloon..

$ 81.40

Champagne chocolate basket

Gift Basket containing one bottle of Pol Gessner Champagne (750mL) and a large box of Premium Choco..

$ 96.20

Chocolate Gift basket I

"Gift Basket containing Extra Large Box of Premium Chocolate -Assorted Belgium Truffles -Extra Lar..

$ 88.80

chocolate Gift basket II

"Gift basket containing -Large Pack of Premium Truffles -Private Brand Pretzels -Italian Crackers ..

$ 92.50

Christmas Basket

Basket of 4 Stems White Chrysanthemums 2 White Gerberas 6 Red Carnations Christmas Greens..

$ 81.40

Coffee Gift Basket I

"Gift Basket containing Premium Imported Espresso Coffee -Napoleon Private Label Coffee -Golden ..

$ 62.90

coffee Gift basket II

"Gift Basket containing -Espresso Black Coffee -Private Label Bloomex Coffee -Napoleon Mozart Coff..

$ 62.90

Coffee Gift basket III

"Gift Basket Containing Large box of Truffle -Milk Chocolate Bar -Hazelnut Chocolate -Assorted Go..

$ 70.30

Elegant Affection

Bouquet of Flowers like rich orange roses, pink asiatic lilies, hot pink gerberas, pink alstroemeria..

$ 66.60

Eternal basket

Basket of 2 graceful lilies, 2 elegant roses, 3 striking gerberas, 4 mini carnations..

$ 81.40

Eternal Glory

Big basket of Flowers yellow asiatic lilies, snapdragons and daisy spray chrysanthemums along with s..

$ 92.50


Bouquet of flowers pink stargazer lilies, red roses, miniature pink carnations, red carnations and p..

$ 88.80

Flower Sensation

Basket of Flowers roses, rich carnations, plump chrysanthemums and playful asters..

$ 66.60

Flowers Forever

Bouquet of 4 Oriental Lilies and 12 red roses in nice packing ( glass vase not included)..

$ 74.00

Flowers with chocolate

Combo of 12 assorted Fresh flowers with chocolate box n greeting..

$ 51.80

Flowers with Chocolate N Teddy

combo of 100 Blooms Alstroemeria flowers with teddy bear n chocolate box..

$ 81.40

Gift Hamper Basket I

"Gift Basket Containing Tuscany Style Crackers -Delicious Truffles -Sweet Butter Biscuits -Ar..

$ 70.30

Gift Basket II

"Gift Basket Containing 7 types gourmet Chocolates -exotic Coffees and Teas -Nuts -Seafood -Crac..

$ 55.50

Gift Basket III

"Gift Basket Containing 10 types gourmet Chocolates -exotic Coffees and Teas -Nuts -Seafood -Cr..

$ 70.30

Gift Celebrations Basket

"Gift Basket containing Large Pack of Imported Cookies -Premium Dark Chocolate -Private Brand Milk..

$ 66.60

Gift chocolate basket I

"Gift basket containing -Premium Dark Chocolate -Premium Truffles -Large pack of Assorted Cookies ..

$ 51.80

Gift Chocolate basket II

"Gift Basket containing Large Pack of Assorted Cookie -Delicious Chocolate Truffle Cookies -Dark C..

$ 59.20

Gift Chocolate Basket III

"Gift Basket containing -Dolcetto Choc Pastry Cookies -Chocolate Truffle Cookies -Angelina's Sweet..

$ 66.60

Gift Hamper Basket II

"Gift Basket containing Extra Large Box of Premium Cookies -Large Box of French Truffles -French E..

$ 74.00

Gift Hamper Basket III

"Gift Basket containing English Black Tea -Ice Wine Tea -Fruit Tea -Green Tea -Camomile Tea -As..

$ 59.20

Gift Snack Basket

"Gift Basket containing -Premium Crunchy Candy -Sweet Cranberry Snack -Imported Butter Cookies -P..

$ 66.60

Golden flower Basket

Handle basket of Flowers sunflowers and Asiatic lilies, deep red roses, gold and burgundy chrysanthe..

$ 59.20

Large Lilies Bouquet

Bouquet of 10 Stem Oriental flowers bouquet ( Glass vase not included)..

$ 133.20

Lime Fresh

Bouquet of Flowers yellow spray roses, yellow Asiatic lilies, green carnations, white miniature carn..

$ 55.50

Love and Laughter

Bouquet of Flowers lavender roses, daisy chrysanthemums, purple carnations, miniature carnations, as..

$ 55.50

Love Posy

Bouquet of Flowers red roses, pink oriental lilies, red carnations, light pink miniature carnations ..

$ 74.00

Magical expression

Bouquet of 3 Lilies and 12 white roses in nice packing ( Glass vase not included)..

$ 70.30

Oriental Lilies Bouquet

Bouquet of 5 Stem Oriental Lilies Flowers in nice packing( Glass vase not included)..

$ 62.90

Pink Flowers Bouquet

Bouquet of sweet pink roses, spray roses and miniature carnations, white button spray chrysanthemums..

$ 59.20

Preety Flower Basket

Basket of Flowers orange and red carnations, a yellow gerbera, snapdragons, solidaster and lavender ..

$ 59.20

Preety Pink flowers

Bouquet of flowers pink Roses, Asiatic lilies, Sweet William and Carnations. ( Glass vase not includ..

$ 103.60

Pretty Pink

Bouquet of boasts pink asiatic lilies and alstroemeria along with sweet pink roses and waxflower ( ..

$ 70.30

Pure Delight

Bouquet of flowers yellow roses, vivid red gerberas and miniature carnations, as well as yellow but..

$ 55.50

Pure Passion

Bouquet of Flowers red roses, red spray roses, white alstroemeria and pink miniature pink carnations..

$ 57.72

Rose Gift box with teddy bear

Combo of 12 red roses in a Gift box with greeting card and teddy bear..

$ 70.30

Rose Gift box with teddy bear chocolate

Combo of 12 red roses in a Gift box with greeting card and teddy bear and chocolate box..

$ 96.20

roses with chocolate

Combo of 12 assorted roses with chocolate box and greeting card..

$ 59.20

Serenity and Bliss

Flowers of white lilies, carnations and miniature carnations combined with dark greens in a large ba..

$ 62.90

Simply flower Bouquet

Bouquet of Flowers yellow roses, pink asiatic lilies and alstroemeria, light yellow miniature carnat..

$ 55.50

Single rose combo

Combo of Single red roses with cute teddy , greeting card and chocolate box..

$ 44.40

Single roses with teddy bear

Combo of Single red roses with cute teddy , greeting card..

$ 44.40

Spring Bouquet

Bouquet of Flowers pink Roses, yellow Asiatic lilies and lavender chrysanthemums(Glass vase not incl..

$ 55.50

Starlight Bouquet

Bouquet of Flowers white asiatic lilies and alstroemeria, lavender roses, and chrysanthemums ( Glass..

$ 55.50

Sunlight Bouquet

Bouquet of 10 stems of yellow alstromeria, 6 yellow roses ( glass vase not included)..

$ 70.30

Sweet Devotions

Big flowers basket of carnations, daisies, stock, delphinium and lilies..

$ 103.60

Teddy n Chocolate

Combo of 8 inch teddy bear with full size greeting card n chocolate box..

$ 44.40

Vivid memories

Basket of Flowers asters, chrysanthemums, and other sunny blooms..

$ 111.00

Women Delight

Bouquet of Flowers like pink roses, Asiatic lilies, carnations, snapdragons and waxflower. ( glass ..

$ 66.60

Black Forest Cake

Fresh  Black Forest Flavour Cake  Term and Conditions:This Cake is  only for..

$ 22.19

Fresh Fruit Cake

Fresh Fruit cakeThis cake is Available in GTA area only..

$ 25.89

Pineapple Cake

Fresh Pineapple cake This cake is only for GTA cities only ..

$ 22.19

Red Velvet Cake

Fresh Red Velvet cake This cake is Available for GTA cities only ..

$ 22.13

Strawberry Cake

Fresh Strawberry CakeThis Cake is Avilable for GTA cities only..

$ 22.19

Vanilla Cake

Fresh Vanilla Flavour CakeThis cake is available for GTA area only..

$ 18.49

Carrot Cake

Fresh Carrot cake..

$ 22.19

Chocolate Cake

Fresh  chocolate cake..

$ 22.19

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Fresh chocolate Fudge cake..

$ 22.19

Cookie and Cream Cake

Fresh Cookie and cream cake..

$ 33.29

Heartshape Black Forest Cake

Fresh 1 Kg Heartshape Black Forest cake..

$ 44.39

Heartshape Chocolate Cake

Fresh 1 Kg Heartshape chocolate cake..

$ 44.39


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