Delivery Information

Here is an insight into our delivery information and related provisions: 

Midnight Deliveries: 

Subject to all the terms of the shipping disclaimer, we attempt midnight deliveries between 11:00 PM to 11:59 PM respectively. This is carried out on the day chosen for delivery. Please choose a day of delivery before the occasion. 

Fixed Time Deliveries: 

We cannot commit the exact time of the fixed time deliveries that are carried out by us. Subject to other terms of the shipping disclaimer, the order shall be delivered to you before or after a period of 30 minutes as per the time selected by you. 

Delivery of Courier Products: 

All the products when reaching to our courier partners are packed and shipped from our warehouse. Soon after the order has been dispatched, you will receive its concerned tracking number which shall help you to trace the order correctly. 
Courier partners might sometimes face delay because of certain holidays and strikes. On the event of unavailability of the recipient, we shall attempt the delivery twice and if the delivery location is incorrect or the recipient has denied the delivery, the delivery shall be deemed to have been made. The courier partner shall attempt to make the delivery of the package twice before the item returns back to its point of origin. If the delivery hasn’t been executed during the attempts, the recipient shall still be charged for the concerned order. 
The order shall be considered as executed in the below-mentioned cases: 
Non-availability of the recipient 
Wrong shipping or delivery address 
Premises found locked
Denial of acceptance of the delivery by the recipient. 

Delivery to the Hospital: 

We look forward to making deliveries to the hospital. However, before you place an order you must make sure to put in the details such as the name of the hospital, full address of the hospital, telephone number of the hospital, name of the recipient, room number or ward number of the recipient. 
We shall carry out the delivery of your order as per the facility procedures as the most number of hospitals do not allow the florists to personally deliver into individual rooms. 

Delivery to the Hotels: 

We look forward to delivering the products in the hotels as well. It is imperative for you to provide details such as the name of the hotel, full address of the hotel, telephone number of the hotel as well as recipient, room number of the recipient, name of the tour company if any. If the recipient has not checked in at the hotel during the date of delivery, the order shall be left at the reception respectively. 

Delivery to Remote Locations and Towns: 

We carry out the delivery of the orders only in the cities which have been mentioned in the list of serviceable cities. It is important to mention that the flowers, cakes, and other perishable products are sourced locally at the location of delivery. We cannot commit the exact time of delivery to remote locations and towns. 
It is further recommended to correct the address and a contact number of the recipient before you place an order for such kind of delivery. In case of floods, heavy rains, or other natural calamities, the delivery of the order might get restricted. In such a case, we reserve all the rights to reschedule the delivery to another date respectively. 

Delivery to the Railway Stations and Airport: 

We do not attempt delivery at the Railway Station or Airport.